Clients & Testimonials

"This is a book the world needs. Everyone in the diplomatic corps and international affairs at large will want to read it."
      -Aud Lise Norheim, Norwegian Ambassador to Iceland and former
       Ambassador to Iran (2014-2017), Lebanon (2007-2010) and
       Bangladesh (2003-2006) on Leena El-Ali's book
       No Truth Without Beauty: God, the Qur'an, and Women's Rights.

"Leena El-Ali was an extraordinary resource on democracy and governance from an Islamic perspective and Islam's explicit insistence on the universal values of human empowerment, human rights, and gender equality. Civil society representatives from across South and South East Asia benefited tremendously from her insights and ability to create a safe learning environment at IFES' Islam and Democracy Workshops."
      -Vasu Mohan, Regional Director - Asia Pacific,                              
       International Foundation for Electoral Systems

"Throughout the strategic planning process, Leena (Bona Smarts) did a fantastic job at identifying the underlying strengths and vulnerabilities to the BRAVE program and guided the organization to a substantially stronger model through the strategic planning process. Throughout the process she contributed new research, identified key stakeholders that had been absent from the program's development, and helped the coalition of stakeholders identify the appropriate path forward for continued program growth."
       -Maggie Davis, Senior Law & Policy Analyst, UMD Center for               Health and Homeland Security

"Color Accounting helped me better understand business finance by presenting the pieces of accounting visually and then pulling them together for a logical view of the big picture. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh and understandable method to approaching company financials."
       -Dan Simonds, CFP®, Contrary Investment Advisors