Since inception in 2013, we have provided the following services in our four practice areas to local government, non-profit organizations, and companies/corporations:

- Capacity Building: mediating COVID-19 community conflicts in South Asia
        - Countering hate speech around elections in South Asia
        - Conflict Assessment and CapacityBuilding: mitigating violence around elections in North Africa
        - Sustainable Development: models for community resilience in North Africa
        - Strategic Planning: for a public safety, public-private initiative in Montgomery County, MD        
        - Capacity Building: governance for countering extremism in South and South East Asia
        - Capacity Building: Islam and women's rights in South and South East Asia
        - Training: in business finance in the DC-metro area
        - Evaluation: of a community peacebuilding project in the DC-metro area


Equity Capital: part of a team that raised significant funding for a technology company;
        - Debt Facility: for a U.S. equipment financing company's expansion into Mexico;
        - Start-Up and Support Services: for job-creating public-private initiatve in Puerto Rico.                                      

Fundamental to our approach in providing services are the following two principles:

  • We never lose sight of the "big picture" even as we pay close "attention to detail" 

  • We place great emphasis on "pragmatism" even as we nurture "creative thinking"